vega in lyra
700d + nt150L    1x30s @ ISO12800

7331 and stephan II revisit

My annual visit to Pegasus was blessed this year by crystal clear seeing helped by warm conditions which didn't drop below the dew-point, so obviating the need for the atmosphere to support its usual burden of air saturated with water vapour; IOW haze.
celestron 6" f8 refractor
bresser 6" f8 reflector
Here's last year's try with the Celestron refractor dating back to my Alcarria days of  the '90s. This year, the -longer- exposures are spread over 2 nights with the no nonsense Bresser reflector managing to retain some good colour data. With distances from 40-300 million light years...
galaxiy clusters ngc7331 deer lick and (top right) stephan's quintet in pegasus
700d + nt150L    36x360s @ ISO800



Three day week, reasonably clear sky so why not have a go at something faint? First dew of the season to contend with, having to clear the guide-scope lens at around 01:00 and so lost a few snaps. Quite close for a galaxy at just 3 million light years.
galaxy m33 in triangulum
700d + pn208    18x240s @ ISO800


la helice

Low to the south with only Fomalhaut for company, this is faint but -for a planetary nebula- large. Only 700 ly distant, it is formed by the central star at the end of it's life shedding outer layers of gas. Poor guiding and dew forming on the tube around 11:30, I almost gave up but glad I didn't. I may collect more snaps to see if I can tease out more detail.
planetary nebula ngc7293 the helix in aquarius
700d + pn208    31x150s @ ISO 800


forgotten cluster

Looking for something to image with a big gibbous moon? How about this neglected old cluster? Old, because usually orange stars have been around longer than their white and blue counterparts. No one seems to care about it. I suppose not that surprising with everything else going on in that bit of the sky. So, here's a redress of balance bringing you this neat little number, 700 ly distant.
open cluster ngc6819 in cygnus
700d + pn208    33x120s @ ISO800


promising bubble

I had the fortune of having to find out what was wrong with the stars here.
First diagnosis turned out correct; the filter screwed onto the end of the cc.

Replace with the clip CLS and...

Not as well defined -maybe the seeing was not as good- but at least no tail. Managed 7 snaps of...
nebula ngc7635 bubble and cluster m52 in cepheus
700d CLS + pn208 7 x 300s @ ISO 800



today 22:02

We sit at 90º to the rays of the sun and shall have 12 hours day and 12 hours night.