aguja IV

The third year of attempts at this one. Not the steadiest of nights but having failed to ignore the forecast yesterday, was determined to get something a little closer. Fighting with the mount much of the evening at least it wasn't so cold. Around 43 million light years distant...
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galaxy ngc4565 in coma berenices
700d on 254mm f4.7    29x240s @ ISO800

2 galaxias

Seeing forecast wrong so ended up with a 6" rather than a 10". A pity since it was really still. Ah well...
 m96: 37 million light years, Pierre Méchain 20 march 1781
 m95: 38 million light years, Mechain also in 1781
galaxies m96 left and m95 in leo
700d on bresser nt150s    29x240s @ ISO800



Spent weeks renovating a nice old telescope to photograph galaxies. Get a good night but can't use it because the seeing is too bad. Not to be beaten, got the little 6" reflector going instead. Not as close, but better than nothing. Would love to have a go at that triplet with the 254.
l to r galaxies m96 ngc3373 m105 ngc3371  in leo
700d on nt150s 33x300s @ ISO800


el buho

Using the newly restored large sail telescope is turning into a battle against the wind. Nice snaps though...
planetary nebula m97 the owl in ursa major
700d + 254mm f4.7    27x240s @ ISO800


cluster XXII

Full moon prevented much length on this but it looks a bit barren on other snaps too. Then that high sort of Mediterranean haze took over and I grumped off...
open cluster m67 in cancer
700d + 254 f4.7    16x90s @ ISO800


galaxy restoration

Restored from last used thirteen years ago to as best as I can get it now state, it's lost a bit of shine but it has a new focuser, secondary mirror, dovetails, go-to mount, new mirror springs, oag and loadsa memories.

Oh, and back then, I didn't know how to collimate it. Remarkably, it wasn't too far off...

254mm f4.7 which @ 1200mm focal length, gives as fast and as close as we're gonna get to this spring's galaxies.


wip 3

now 5 hours and of course with the moon back to beat us into submission one month more...

galaxies m81 and m82 in ursa major
700d on 250mm f4.7    68x5min @ ISO800