38º at a college half way up Puig Campana this afternoon. What a wonderful day to do exams. No one wanted to either go out or stay in. Deadlock. I'll be glad when this one is over. Oh, look. That cactus just dried up.

** HOY
record absoluto mayo: alicante (capital) 36,9º y a sólo 30km de aquí, xátiva, 43º


election special

Ladies Day

As UK workers brace themselves for yet another 5 years of poverty, inadequacy and days on end of horizontal rain, I couldn't help remembering. 10 years ago my Uncle was admitted to a Sheffield NHS hospital for routine surgery. Due to lack of beds after the event, he was transferred to a private hospital under an overspill agreement between it and the NHS. He died of septicaemia 3 days later.

Lucas, right, with party members from Brighton

On a more serious note, congratulations to Caroline Lucas who held the seat of Brighton Pavilion for The Greens. Ms. Lucas increased her majority in the 2010 election, to over 8000 votes. She then sat on the floor and did yoga whilst eating lentils. Pass the weed please. Doctor.

Miss Wallaston, centre, surrounded by horse riders
celebrates victory

No such luck for The Greens in Totnes where Sarah Wollaston tripled the tory majority to 18000. She spent the day in the saddle, riding around the polling stations by tandem. How oh so jolly green of her. Cream teas and carrot cake all round at The Seven Stars this afternoon. With hardly any voters left, UKIP came second

McVey, holding the victory speech which never was,
extends her heartfelt congratulations
Liverpool. Socialist Margaret Greenwood takes Wirral West for Labour from Oxford Street shopping specialist, tory Esther McVey by just 417 votes. No hard feelings there then.

Without the rosettes, you'd never tell which was which, would you. Oh, and nice scarf.


te deum

marc antoine charpentier
te deum

The grand old Erato recording of 1963 with Maurice André on trumpet, when baroque music was played with feeling and conviction and minims were played as minims rather than just the short-bow modern day nonsense. None of the over-researched scientific rubbish we hear so often now. The other highlight of this performance is the addition of a trombone to the continuo. Wonderful. I expect the researchers have already dismissed that possibility as being far too musical and artistic to be included in their versions. And anyway, trombones don't play quavers fast enough.

Part of the autograph c. 1688. Just look at all those minims.

The voices are marked...
 haut-dessus, haute-contre, taille, basse 
... anyone?


ya es buena hora para una foto de un lince



OK, here we go
live feed from the Faroe Islands courtesy: slooh
great start...

...09:05 the eclipse has begun

the big news from Alicante is that it's stopped raining
the eternal optimist strikes again

10:35 first break in the cloud


11:09 high cloud. on with the filter



nikon d40 with 500mm preset at f11 ISO 400
cloud around 1/2000s filter 1/8s


solar eclipse, alicante march 20

times for Alicante 
Friday 20 March, 2015

first contact    :09:05
mid eclipse (59%):10:09
fourth contact   :11:18