el pelicano

With the easterlies carrying the haze from the Med, I almost didn't bother. The Pelican is next to The North America Nebula. Here, south is top so it's on it's side. Use your imagination...
IC 5070 the pelican in cygnus
 canon 700d with a €150 bresser        25 x 150s @ ISO 800


dark nebula

nebulosa oscura b145 in cygnus
ar102s with canon 700d @ ISO 800

escoba de bruja

Delicate stuff with a difficult fg star at the top. Anyway, there's something resembling something here albeit with the handle missing and not the one it's supposed to be
ngc6960 in cygnus
700d + ar102s    32 x 150s @ ISO 800



Quite nervy this one. Imaging ngc6888 as it crosses the meridian at the zenith.

Relative success as the eq6 auto flipped the telescope to the other side. No idea what to do afterwards so I chose a new guide star and set APT going again. Maybe it can be automated? I took snaps either side of the meridian and DSS took care of alignment. Looks quite nice though.
ngc6888 the crescent nebula in cygnus
700d + ar120s   25 x 120s @ ISO800

shapless cygnus

The sinisterly named shapless 2 looks like a tulip hence the tulip. Finally getting to grips with the processing bearing in mind that we don't do this for its simplicity...
sh2-101 the tulip nebula in cygnus
canon 700d with ar102s 25 x 240s @ ISO 800


festes 2016

Quiet this year. Relatively so, of course. The fiesta that is. Not the mascletà. A steady llovizna fell upon la nucía, just as last year.