venus and jupiter align

30 June 2015, Polop de la Marina, Alicante
coinciding with the addition of the leap second tonight at 23:59:59, here are Venus and Jupiter around an hour after sunset.

3 July 2015, Alcalá, Tenerife

4 July 2015, Polop


san juan

noche de san juan, 2015

back at torres again armed this time with the aim of total ridding of all the bad


mascletà del día 23 por pirotécnia alpujarreña
plaza de luceros, alicante
2 en punto de la tarde, 32º, viento de levante muy flojo

Tremendous perspective today, only about 5m from the fence on the renfe exit of Luceros

video de la mascletà de hoy día 23



fogueres d'alacant 2015
first mascletà today. hit luceros by tram from carrabiners, falling one stop short of luceros at mercado with just 5 minutes to spare...

placa de luceros alicante 19 junio 29º vientos del noroeste, flojos
video de la mascletà de hoy
av. alfonso el sabio (mercat)
ficus, diputación
foguer, ajuntament



38º at a college half way up Puig Campana this afternoon. What a wonderful day to do exams. No one wanted to either go out or stay in. Deadlock. I'll be glad when this one is over. Oh, look. That cactus just dried up.

** HOY
record absoluto mayo: alicante (capital) 36,9º y a sólo 30km de aquí, xátiva, 43º